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Rest. Heal. Take Solace.

A place where all of you is supported to reset mind, body and soul.

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Solace Massage & Natural Therapies, in the beachside town of Coolum Beach, has been a place for locals and visitors to restore balance since 2010. Solace is a place where all of you is welcome. Where mind, body and soul are treated as one. Here you will feel your body completely let go as we allow the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and intuitive energy guide us in our massage and holistic natural therapy practice. Reset your body and mind. Rest, heal, take solace.


Our massage and Ayurveda therapies can target specific pain or injury, release deep emotional stress or restore healing to the whole body.


Pregnancy and postpartum massage is a great way of taking care of yourself and allowing your body to recover as it goes through significant changes.


Bring your body back into balance by rebalancing your body’s energy systems and allowing your natural energetic systems to flow naturally.
Take SOLACE package
Reset Mind, Body and Soul. And Pay it Forward
Take Solace and leave the physical world at the door. This holistic indulgence package will help you to reset your mind, body and soul. Feel completely relaxed in this combination treatment of warm oil, full body massage including feet, hands, head and face, and energy healing. A portion of your payment will be used to pay it forward to someone in need.
Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Support for New Born Mums
When everyone wants to hold and see your new baby, I’m here to hold you. The journey into motherhood can be far greater and more challenging than childbirth itself. As a Postpartum Doula, unless requested, I don’t attend births. I wait to catch the Mother. Blending Ayurvedic principles, I hold space, share knowledge and support you and your family on this beautiful new journey.
“I believe we all have health and wellness within us. Sometimes we just need the right support and knowledge along with the inner desire to be well, to live a life of health and happiness.”


Reset your mind and body.
Take some time out for you.
Rest, heal, take solace.